At Solihull Computer Shop we have available to you a whole range of computer services and sales. We have long experience and expertise in all aspects of computer services and technology.


Our highly trained engineers can provide repairs to a whole range of problems on PC,s Laptops, Gaming computers , Monitors , Printers etc.   Screen, socket, motherboard replacements are available plus custom rebuilds and recasing. Whatever your problem, please discuss with us. We provide warranty on all repairs and , wherever practical , will arrange free collection and returns.


IF your kit is becoming slow and inefficient, we have options available for you. It is not always necessary to replace with new. Upgrades are available from a cost of around £50. For a slightly higher cost we can provide upgrades which will have your equipment working as fast and efficiently as a brand new computer.


In our Superstore we have approximately 40,000 items available and the list is ever increasing. This is the result of a long established relationship with all the major brands – Toshiba, Aces, Asus , Lenovo, Dell, HP, Samsung  and others..

Our prices are competitive so seek us out for any new technology -laptops, accessories etc etc


We are experts at designing tailor made web sites to suit your needs and have over 20 years experience in this field. Consult us so that together we can provide a website which will increase your customer appeal and maximise business

Our websites are SEO ready and can be displayable if required on Smartphones, Tablets as well as Desktops and Laptops

Solihull Computer Shop Repairs Custom PCs Gaming Computers Laptops & Components.

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