ColorWay Cleaning Spray for LED/ LCD/ TFT Screens 100ml

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  • Device Type: Screen Cleaner
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ColorWay Cleaning Spray for LED/ LCD/ TFT Screens 100ml - Keep your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet and other screens looking pristine and easy to view.
Get rid of fingerprints, dust, oils and smudges which accumulate quickly on your device's screen and leave it looking grubby and hard to read - especially in direct light.
Made from a streak and anti-static formula, so you can clean confidently without leaving unsightly marks.

ColorWay Spray is used to clean screens of electronics, personal, home and office equipment. Due to the special composition, the liquid does not leave streaks and does not damage the surface, it cleans the screens or plastic surfaces delicately and without damage, creating an anti-static and antibacterial coating.

- Computers and laptops
- Televisions, monitors and screens
- Prefixes, gaming accessories, VR
- Office and home electronics.
- Spray for cleaning screens 100 ml.
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Cleaning Type Screen Cleaner
Device Type Screen Cleaner